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Angany and Lincoln Diagnostics to Collaborate on Angany’s Outreach to US Allergists

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Both Companies will be Present at the 2021 ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans


QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, VAL-DE-REUIL, FRANCE and DECATUR, IL, USA – November 4, 2021 – Louis-Philippe Vézina, CEO of Angany Inc. and Douglas Hein, President of Lincoln Diagnostics Inc. announce the commitment of their respective companies to collaborate on Angany’s outreach to US allergists.  A formal agreement to this effect was signed earlier this year.


Angany introduces a new approach to allergy immunotherapy based on translational science and designed to overcome the limits of current desensitization approaches. Millions of years of evolution have taught our immune system how to protect against pathogens. Angany brings a novel generation of allergy immunotherapy where allergens are administered under the form of pseudo-pathogens to elicit a protective immune response. 


Angany’s approach should bring hope to the millions of people affected by respiratory and food allergy. We are looking forward to communicating with US allergists on how this innovative form of allergy immunotherapy may soon help them provide better options for people faced with allergy,” states Dr. Louis-Philippe Vézina, CEO of Angany.


Lincoln Diagnostics is known for its skin-testing devices, widely viewed as the “gold standard” in allergy skin-testing. “We are happy to collaborate with Angany in their outreach to US allergists and look forward to enhancing the care we provide to people suffering from allergy,” states Doug Hein, President of Lincoln Diagnostics. 


Angany’s first two therapeutic products will be used in the treatment of allergy to peanuts and human allergy to cats. 


The two companies will share a booth at the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Asthma Allergy and Immunology (ACAAI) to be held from November 4th to 8th in New Orleans. 




Angany is a late preclinical stage, private Franco-Canadian pharmaceutical company dedicated to fighting allergy with a novel approach to immunotherapy. Angany’s CEO, Dr Louis-Philippe Vézina, is a successful pharma entrepreneur, world renowned for his expertise in the design and production of new generations of vaccines. The company is pursuing a mission initiated in France in 2010 and plans to enter in clinical trials with its first allergy vaccine candidate (allergy to cats) in early 2022, to soon be followed by its candidate vaccine for peanut allergy. Angany has developed a flexible, fast, and easily scalable 3rd generation plant-based biopharmaceutical production platform. Angany anticipates that its eBioparticle™ vaccinal platform will rapidly find direct applications in domains other than allergy, namely in cancer immunotherapy and in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.


About Lincoln Diagnostics


For 40 years, Lincoln Diagnostics has been revolutionizing allergy skin testing. After developing Multi-Test® CMI (Cell-Mediated Immunity) as Lincoln Laboratories in cooperation with Institut Mérieux of France, Lincoln Diagnostics started in 1982, marketing for allergy testing its patented Multi-Test® multiple skin test applicator—the industry’s first plastic disposable testing device. Now the leader in allergy skin testing, Lincoln Diagnostics manufactures a suite of patented products including Multi-Test®, Multi-Test® II, Duotip-Test®, Duotip-Test® II, Multi-Test® PC and UniTest PC. Lincoln Diagnostics products are used extensively at hospitals, private clinics, and teaching institutions all over the United States and worldwide.  For more information about Lincoln Diagnostics, please call 800-537-1336, or visit .


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