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Angany (Canada/France) and Phylloceuticals (USA): two biotechnology innovators team up to accelerate Covid NAbs commercialization

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QUEBEC CITY, QC CANADA, Val-de-Reuil, Normandy, FRANCE and AUSTIN, TX, March 24th, 2021. Dr Louis-Philippe Vézina CEO of Angany, and Mr. Bill Brydges, CEO of Phylloceuticals announce today that the two companies will team up to accelerate the development of a preventive and curative product based on neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (NAbs) against SARS CoV-02 and its variants.

Angany recently announced the successful production of NAbs derived from the plasma of COVID 19 patients using Angany’s plant-based production platform.  This work, in collaboration with Pr. Rogier W. Sanders and Dr Marit van Gils of University Medical Centers in Amsterdam (Amsterdam UMC), demonstrated the efficacy of therapeutic NAbs rapidly developed for COVID-19 and its variants.  This approach represents an anti-viral treatment that adds another pharmaceutical weapon against viral disease, one that can adapt quickly to the ongoing problem of viral mutation. 

Angany is teaming with Phylloceuticals and its PhAASTä,  plant-made commercial production system so as to rapidly scale-up commercial manufacturing and access its features of low capital expenditure and low cost of goods.   The PhAASTä (Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology) system is a highly automated plant-based pharmaceutical production system that is less capital intensive than traditional bioreactor-based systems.  PhAASTä facilities can be built and commissioned in much less time than traditional facilities. These factors highlight the following commercial advantages:

1. The Angany plant-made platform provides very rapid development of therapeutic antibodies and can be a constant conduit of new products.

2. Scale-up is faster than traditional cell based, bioreactor systems to ensure timely response to disease outbreaks and output of adapted pharmaceutical treatment.

3. These facilities can be affordably built and managed in all global locations ensuring access to treatment in all affected areas.

Dr. Vézina and Dr. Barry Holtz (CSO) of Phylloceuticals are pioneers in the plant-made pharmaceutical field.  Dr. Holtz commented: “To combine Angany’s discovery and development capabilities with the Phylloceuticals’ commercial manufacturing platform is a complementary technical and business match.  I am looking forward to the collaboration with not only a friend and colleague but with a world-renowned developer of new generations of vaccines, Dr. Vézina.”  “Dr Holtz and his colleagues have been dedicated to the optimization and refinement of industrial plant-based platforms for more than two decades. It is a great privilege for Angany to be teaming up with such experts, and a great advantage in the current context, where costs, timing and speed of delivery are of paramount importance,” says Dr Louis-P Vézina.


ANGANY is an emerging, private Franco-Canadian pharmaceutical company dedicated to fighting allergy with a novel approach to immunotherapy. The company is pursuing a mission initiated in France in 2010. Angany’s CEO is Dr Louis-Philippe Vézina, a successful pharma entrepreneur, world renowned for his expertise in the design and production of new generations of vaccines.

Angany is soon to enter in clinical trials with its first allergy vaccine candidate (allergy to cats) which will be followed by a candidate vaccine for peanut allergy.

ANGANY has also developed a flexible, fast, and easily scalable 3rd generation plant-based production platform. ANGANY anticipates that its vaccine platform will eventually find direct applications in domains other than allergy, namely in cancer immunotherapy and in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Angany’s involvement in the fight against COVID -19

The COVID-19 pandemic constituted a call-to-arms for Angany. The company chose to assist by leveraging one specific aspect of its technology: the ability to quickly develop and scale-up the production of monoclonal antibodies. Backed by a prestigious team of researchers, COVID-Nabs can play a pivotal role in resolving the current socio-economic crisis.

For more information, visit or Angany’s LinkedIn profile.

About Phylloceuticals

Phylloceuticals is a global technology company dedicated to providing affordable medicine to underserved areas of the world. Founded in 2021, Phylloceuticals is rapidly building a reputation for solving complex technical challenges in the most demanding environments — and allowing needed drugs to be produced locally, with ongoing support from our team.

Phylloceuticals uses a plant-made technology which offers lower overall investment and a much quicker response time for drug development. Drug development and manufacturing happen fast (PhAASTä), empowering underserved regions of the world to gain access to biologics medicines that other areas of the world take for granted. Phylloceuticals is not a CDMO. We are not a biologics nor a pharma company. Our mission is to nucleate, enable, and help construct companies in these traditionally underserved regions and underserved markets to manufacture biologics with our plant-made technology. We call it PhAASTä – Pharmaceuticals as a Service Technology.

For more information on Phylloceuticals, please visit and connect with Phylloceuticals on LinkedIn.


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