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Angany Gaining Momentum for Plant-Based Immunotherapy Platform

By June 15, 2022March 10th, 2023No Comments

San Diego, June 15th. Canadian biotechnology company ANGANY ( is presenting its immunotherapy platform at BIO International Convention, a critical rendez-vous for the global pharmaceutical industry which takes place in San Diego, California between June 13th and 16th.

ANGANY’s primary focus is the development of therapeutic vaccines, leveraging the unique immunogenicity and safety profile of its plant-based eBioparticle™ technology. The initial two product candidates for human medicine are vaccines against cat allergy and peanut allergy, the first of which will enter clinical development in the second half of 2022.

Besides their allergy program, ANGANY is also working in developing other immunotherapy applications including degenerative disease and oncology for both human and veterinary indications.

As previously reported by IHS (November 24th, 2021) ANGANY entered a partnership with Nextmune (Vimian Group) for the development of their first product candidates for veterinary use in Canine Atopic Dermatitis.

Since then, ANGANY’s platform has attracted significant attention from major players in the Pharma and Animal Health markets.

Based on this interest and following a successful Series A round of $ 15 million backed exclusively by private investors, ANGANY is currently preparing a Series B investment round of $ 35 million to finance upcoming clinical development and is discussing with potential candidates to lead this round.

Quote Guy Tropper MD FRCSC, Senior Vice-President, Medical & Corporate Affairs: “We’re very excited with the interest that ANGANY is attracting from major Animal Health players, and we called on LEVOYA again, this time to help us with these discussions as well as to support us in our upcoming investment round.”

Quote Dr. Louis-Philippe Vézina, CEO of Angany: “Our development program in allergy is progressing as planned with very exciting pre-clinical results. As we move to the clinical stage, we also have very promising discovery and pre-clinical work underway in other major indications like oncology, degenerative disease and other applications.”


ANGANY is a Franco-Canadian biopharmaceutical company that has developed a novel immunotherapy platform with broad applications in allergy, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation and cancer.

ANGANY’s immunotherapy platform is based on a family of proprietary synthetic enveloped bioparticles that show a strong immunomodulatory potency. This unique auto-adjuvanted antigen presentation platform has successfully demonstrated the capacity to elicit protective/neutralizing immune responses against allergens and self-proteins.


Guy Tropper MD FRCSC

Vice-President, Medical & Corporate Affairs

+1 (450) 521-1181