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The world of allergy is at the crossroads: the traditional approach to deal with allergy has failed.

Thirty percent of people living in industrialized countries suffer from allergy. Traditional desensitization using allergen extracts has shown its limits. Current symptomatic remedies and/or demanding courses of desensitization bring little hope to those for whom allergy is the unwanted, permanent guest. Little hope for the families struggling with food or pet allergy. In the US alone, the number of people diagnosed with allergy will grow by more than 1 million per year between year 2020 and 2050. This number is in the neighbourhood of 200,000 per year in Canada. It is for them and their families that ANGANY is developing a totally new approach to allergy diagnosis and treatment. We hope this will put an end to the disappointments and anxiety caused by inaccurate diagnoses, to burdensome 3-5 year-long desensitization protocols and perhaps more importantly, to the chronic and often excessive use of OTC and prescription antihistamines and corticosteroids.

There is new hope for the treatment of allergy!

ANGANY is leading new developments in immunotherapy that we believe could change our rapport with allergy and related illnesses such as asthma. ANGANY proposes a new generation of allergy therapeutics aimed at helping allergic people build their own protective response against the precise cause of their allergy. Genetic and external factors may favor an allergic response against a component (generally a protein) from a source like peanut or cat dander. ANGANY’s approach aims to pinpoint the very component to be addressed and then, to present it under the guise of a 3D structure that the immune system sees as a threat. This redirects the immune response towards a protective response and an accelerated phasing out of one’s programmed allergic response.

ANGANY’s is now preparing a suite of personalized products aiming to redefine both the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases and indeed, in many ways help restore your health and let you enjoy life as you did before.

Accurate diagnosis. Short and safe vaccination protocols.
Our hope is that your treasured pet will soon be welcomed by all, pollen will not impede your ability to enjoy the outdoors and food items will no longer threaten lives.

About allergy

A silent pandemic...

Allergy is a chronic progressive disease with serious complications evolving over decades of life. Allergy can be viewed as the result of one’s immune response “stalled” in a pre-natal state, with the “normal”, protective type of immune response failing to kick-in.

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ANGANY is an innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to allergy immunotherapy

ANGANY is bringing hope to the millions of people affected by allergy. ANGANY has developed in vivo molecular allergy products for point of care diagnostics and a first-in-class eBioparticle-Potentiated Immunotherapy™ that will help allergic people develop their own protection against the very cause of their allergy.

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Our technology

We aim to provide safe, dependable and lasting relief from allergy. We have developed a unique therapeutic approach based on a proprietary allergy vaccine technology to address the specific challenge of allergy (eBioparticle-Potentiated Immunotherapy™)

ANGANY’s promise is based on three proprietary technological advances.

  • A proprietary form of immunotherapy based on enveloped bioparticles and aimed at providing life changing protection from one’s allergy
  • Pure, natural-like quality allergens for a precise diagnosis of one’s allergy
  • An efficient 3rd generation plant-based production platform
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ANGANY Inc. is a Franco-Canadian pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company founded in June 2018 by Louis-Philippe Vézina PhD, Guy Tropper MD FRCSC, Loïc Faye PhD and Véronique Gomord PhD.


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