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The world of allergy is at the crossroads.

Thirty percent of people in industrilaized countries suffer from allergies. Traditional desensitization using allergen extracts has shown its limits. It is in this high demand market that Angany brings its powerful, breakthrough biotechnology leading a paradigm shift in allergy treatment. Angany’s suite of personalized products will redefine allergy diagnosis and treatment. Immunotherapy vaccines administered under simple, safe and effective protocols will bring allergy to heel. Far ahead of its competition, Angany is uniquely positioned to solve allergy.

About Allergy

Allergy at a turning point: the new era of Precision Medicine

Angany’s high quality proteins usher in a new standard of personalized allergy solutions to help you and your loved one.

Allergy is a chronic progressive disease with serious complications evolving over decades of life.

In spite of $30 billion USD spent yearly worldwide, allergy continues its epidemiologic march unchecked…

About Angany

An innovative pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to allergy immunotherapy

Its biotechnology promises to redefine the standard of care in allergy with in vivo molecular allergy diagnostic products and bioparticle-potentiated immunotherapy.

Our Technology

And if allergy could be healed in one shot with a proprietary bioparticle-potentiated Immunotherapy?

Angany’s promise is based on three proprietary technological advances.


Angany Inc.

Angany Inc. is a Canadian pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company founded in June 2018 by Louis-Philipe Vézina PhD, Guy Tropper MD FRCSC, Loïc Faye PhD et Véronique Gomord PhD. Angany Inc. follows-up on the body of work developed by the French biotech start-up Angany Genetics SAS established in 2010.

Angany Innovation

Angany Innovation SAS is a French company dedicated to R&D and wholly-owned by Angany Inc. Angany Innovation SAS operates state of the art facilities located at the Pharmaparc in Val-de-Reuil in Normandy, France.

Angany Inc. Angany Suite 200, 873 St-Jean, Québec, QC CANADA G1R 1R2

Angany Innovation SAS Voie de l'Innovation, 27100 Val-de-Reuil