We are an innovative pharmaceutical company determined to improve the lige of people with allergy

We have developed our biotechnology with you in mind. How could we turn on sharp insights on allergy and precision medicine into a better life for you?

ANGANY is a private, French-Canadian pharmaceutical company with mission to change our ability to fight allergy. Our goal is to help people with allergies get their life back.

Leveraging 30 years of research in biotechnology, immunology and vaccinology, and after more than $ 15M of R&D investments, ANGANY has tackled the specific challenges of allergy to invent a new generation of pharmaceuticals. The goal: treatments worthy of precision medicine, simpler, more effective and safer than current desensitization, and based on a more precise diagnosis.

In a world first, ANGANY has developed an exclusive vaccine platform based on synthetic biology. This self-adjuvant vector, ANGANY’s proprietary eBioparticle ™, has demonstrated at the preclinical level the possibility of reversing the allergy dynamics. ANGANY has developed a flexible, fast and easy to scale 3rd generation plant-based production platform.

ANGANY thus wishes to bring lasting solutions into a reality where even today allergy sufferers must too often rely on drugs that only mask the symptoms of allergy. ANGANY has developed a form of immunotherapy that is simple in its administration, and from which we expect safety and long-lasting protective effects. Our goal is to stop the allergy dynamic that affects people and prevent the allergic disease from progressing.

ANGANY anticipates that its vaccine platform will also find direct applications in other therapeutic areas such as cancer, in the treatment of autoimmune, infectious and other diseases, in human and animal health.
ANGANY is a Canadian company founded in 2017 and which continues a mission started in France in 2010 by Dr Loïc Faye and Véronique Gomord and their biotech start-up Angany Genetics SAS.

ANGANY inc. is based in Quebec City; the company owns Angany Innovation SAS, an R&D laboratory located at the Pharmaparc de Val-de-Reuil in Normandy. ANGANY inc. is led by Louis-Philippe Vézina PhD, an entrepreneur behind a great Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturing success and a pioneer in plant-based vaccine manufacturing

Vision, expertise, leadership

Louis-Philippe Vézina, PhD CEO, ANGANY Inc.
Dr. Vézina is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned pharmaceutical executive. He is a scientist with an intimate grasp of plant cell physiology. But in a rare combination of expertise and experience, he also masters industrial scale process development and excels in corporate level leadership.

Dr. Vézina specialized in agriculture and the plant-based production of sophisticated pharmaceutical ingredients. He was a co-founder and former head of scientific development at MEDICAGO, the first pharmaceutical company to develop plant-based influenza vaccines. In this role, he authored several patents. In addition to leading a 100+ R&D team, he was for many years a member of the Board and managed several regulatory agency-supervised assessments.

In addition to his role as CSO, he honed his skills in business development as well as in project management. Throughout his career, he has authored numerous scientific publications on biochemistry, protein sequencing and molecular biology. He was awarded various prizes and awards for his research and his involvement in scientific developments in Canada. Dr. Vézina left MEDICAGO in early 2014. In 2015, he started consulting for Angany Genetics SAS, a France-based biotech start-up. Dr. Vézina is a co-founder of Quebec City-based ANGANY inc. established in 2018 and is leading the company’s efforts in developing a first-in class vaccination vector specifically designed to overcome the challenges of the allergic condition.

Angany Innovation SAS: ANGANY’s R&D lab in Val-de-Reuil, France

Angany Innovation SAS is a French company focused on R&D and wholly-owned by ANGANY Inc. Angany Innovation SAS operates state of the art facilities located at the Pharmaparc in Val-de-Reuil in Normandy, France.