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Our COVID-19 effort

ANGANY is joining the COVID-19 effort with its promising novel vaccination technology

The unprecedented social and economic upset caused by the pandemic called for social responsibility. ANGANY’s entire team pitched in to join the fight!

The fight against allergy is at the heart of ANGANY’s mission. And it is to overcome the specific challenges of allergy that ANGANY has developed a new first-in class immunotherapy vaccine. This form of treatment, unprecedented in the field of allergy, draws from synthetic biology and molecular allergology.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, called on ANGANY’s team to step up to help. Despite the difficult context of a first containment, the people at ANGANY managed to advance several development projects for its allergy products. The pilot production unit of clinical material was built and put into operation. But beyond this, each one in the team at ANGANY in Quebec and those of Angany Innovation in Val-de-Reuil in Normandy worked in a context of urgency to adapt our biotechnology to the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID- 19.

ANGANY is getting involved in the “COVID-19 vaccine race” with a promising vaccine approach that could be particularly useful in certain target groups such as the elderly for example. ANGANY’s 3rd generation plant production platform is also an asset. While complying from the outset with Good Manufacturing Practices (pharmaceutical production standard), it allows quick and easy production scale-up.

ANGANY has received substantial support from the Government of Quebec and its Ministry of Economy and Innovation in its effort against COVID-19. Through a loan from Investissement Québec, ANGANY is encouraged to pursue the development of a vaccine based on its exclusive eBioparticle™ vaccine platform. This new vaccine candidate is under preclinical development. The Angany Innovation R&D team also designed 2 other prototypes of antiviral drugs.

Additionally, ANGANY is participating with a network of globally recognized collaborators in the development of other drug candidates targeting COVID-19. ANGANY sees in its “COVID effort” one more opportunity to contribute to the pharmaceutical effort against this disease and its consequences on health, the economy and society.