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New Logo and New Colours: ANGANY Moving Forward!

By February 29, 2024No Comments

Quebec QC, Canada and Val-de-Reuil, France, February 29th, 2024 – ANGANY inc. presents its new logo and colours. In line with more contemporary graphic trends, this new branding underlines ANGANY’s recent evolution and confirms its transition to a new stage. With an entry into clinical development, the appointment of Christine Guillen as head the company, and very favorable results from a first clinical study, ANGANY is moving forward. The company is now focusing its efforts on the clinical and regulatory development of a well-defined portfolio of pharmaceutical products and continues to improve its operational rigor.

A symbol representing protection and globality

ANGANY’s new logo speaks directly to the company’s mission, representing the very essence of its immunotherapeutic approach. In a departure from desensitization approaches that have existed in the field of allergy for more than 100 years, Angany presents allergens on the surface of a spherical structure that prompts the immune system to respond against what looks like a pathogen. ANGANY’s “a” is interwoven into a circle that refers to the spherical aspect of the eBioparticle™ at the heart of its biotechnology. This circle evokes the globality and world of applications that could result from these technological advances. The interface of the circle and the “a” looks somewhat like a shield, alluding to the protection that the products ANGANY is working on intend to bring to future patients.


“The context of ANGANY’s evolution over the last few months fully justifies the switch to this new brand image. I’m convinced that it comes at just the right time, and that it will be a positive addition to the company’s communications activities, which will intensify as it reaches next development milestones,” said Yvan Côté of Côté&Co, the firm behind the logo and the new branding.

“We believe that this is the right time to present our new corporate image. We hope that our contacts will see in it a company that is human, innovative, and determined to succeed,” said Christine Guillen, CEO of ANGANY.


ANGANY is a Franco-Canadian private clinical-stage biotech company pioneering a new immunotherapy approach to overcome the challenge of allergy. ANGANY’s eBioparticle™ technology makes for biologics of a new generation to be administered as vaccines. The goal is to restore or reinforce natural immune mechanisms and create lasting immune protection. ANGANY’s eBioparticle-Potentiated Immunotherapy™ also opens-up new prospects in several fields of application beyond allergy in human and animal health, notably in cancer immunotherapy. The company operates a cGMP pilot production unit in Quebec, as well as an R&D laboratory in France. ANGANY uses a flexible, efficient, and easily scalable 3rd generation plant bioproduction platform to manufacture its next-generation biologics.

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