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ANGANY’s first Clinical Trial Concludes on Time and with Positive Results

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ANGANY inc. announces the completion on schedule of its first clinical trial, one assessing the safety and allergenicity of its First-in-Class biologic, a therapeutic candidate against human allergy to cats. The study results were consistent throughout the 20 human adult cat allergic participants. The final results and the conclusions of this clinical trial will be integrated to a paper to be submitted to a major scientific journal.

Skillfully conducted and on-time

ANGANY’s First-in-Human study of its novel biologic class ANG-101 biologic candidate against human allergy to cats concluded in early December 2023, ahead of schedule. The enthusiasm for a novel solution to address cat allergy facilitated enrollment. The skills and professional expertise of Dr. Guy Scadding and Pr. Stephen Durham were central in conducting this open-label clinical study safely and swiftly. ANGANY is now able to move further ahead with the preparation of its next phase study of the same asset.

Favorable results

Preliminary accounts showed consistency in the results between patients and an excellent safety profile. Very few, mild and fully reversible adverse events were reported.  Moreover, ANG-101  was associated with significant hypoallergenicity, a marker of safety and long sought-after feature in allergy therapeutics, when compared to a commercial cat dander extract.

Important publication

Detailed results and the conclusions of the study will be added to an in-depth account of the elaboration and production of this novel biologic to be submitted later this year to a top-tier scientific journal for publication. ANGANY also intends to present the results of this study at the Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology to be held in Valencia, Spain in late May 2024.


“We are very pleased with the rapid completion and results of this First-in-Human study. The demonstrated safety and hypoallergenicity of ANG-101 represent the cornerstone of the further clinical development of this breakthrough technology,” stated Patrick Colin, BPharm, PhD, ANGANY’s vice-president of clinical development.

We are delighted to report a significant step forward in the company’s development. This milestone couldn’t have been reached without the expertise of our investigators, the patient-subjects’ commitment, and the dedication of our team. I would like to extend my warm thanks to all,” stated Christine Guillen, CEO of ANGANY.


ANGANY is a Franco-Canadian private clinical-stage biotech company pioneering a new immunotherapy approach to overcome the challenge of allergy. ANGANY’s eBioparticle™ technology makes for biologics of a new generation to be administered as vaccines. The goal is to restore or reinforce natural immune mechanisms and create lasting immune protection. ANGANY’s eBioparticle-Potentiated Immunotherapy™ also opens-up new prospects in several fields of application beyond allergy in human and animal health, notably in cancer immunotherapy. The company operates a cGMP pilot production unit in Quebec, as well as an R&D laboratory in France. ANGANY uses a flexible, efficient and easily scalable 3rd generation plant bioproduction platform to manufacture its next-generation biologics.

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